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Insurance Accepted:

I am able to accept most insurance for psychotherapy and for those policies that require a preferred provider, I am a preferred provider for:



Group Health (With Extended Network coverage)


First Choice 

Within each group there are occasionally policies in which I am not covered and may be others which I am covered but not on this list. The world of Insurance is very confusing so if you have insurance coverage it is best to call your insurance company directly and ask them:

Do I have coverage for "outpatient mental health"?

How many sessions do I have per year?

Do I have a co-pay?

Is there a co-insurance? (this is when your insurance pays 80% and you are responsible for the other 20%, sometimes in addition to a co-pay.)

Is Lynn Larkin (or whoever you are interested in seeing) covered? If they do not have a particular panel of therapist they may ask you for the therapists credentials (I am a licensed clinical social worker).

Do I need a referral? If yes, ask "who do I need to call?" Sometimes you might need a referral from your primary care physician and other times you need to talk to the referral department of your managed care company and explain what mental health symptoms you are having and why you need therapy.




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