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A Sufi Story

By Lynn Larkin MSW, ACSW

Sufism often uses stories to help one understand deep wisdom. One of my favorite stories involves the Moula Nasreddin, a famous character in Sufi stories.

One day the Moula was crying and crying. When his neighbors asked him why he said, “I lost my key. I looked everywhere and I cannot find it”. He had all his neighbors searching his yard to find the key. Finally a great Sufi came by and asked him where he last saw the key. He replied “Inside the house”. When asked why are you looking outside for what is inside, the Moula replied “Are you crazy? I can’t go inside until I find the key.”

It is not an easy task to find that key that is inside each of us. Unfortunately looking outside ourselves in workshops, lectures or self-help books is not going to be the answer. These outside sources may be helpful only if they point us back within. We must learn to go within to experience our true selves.

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